Offshore Company FormationOffshore Company Formation

OFC provides offshore company formation and a complete assortment of additional and constant support services for offshore companies in all of the most popular offshore jurisdictions.

OFC provides each of the following offshore company formation services:

– Free Consultation

– We Draft All Offshore Company Formation Documents

– Company Incorporation and Registration

– Domiciliary Services (company registration, virtual office, secretary, etc.)

Free Consultation

OFC’s professionals are available to supply guidance and give you answers to any and all questions asked by you and your team of advisors before we begin the offshore company formation. Our guidance covers all of the following:

– Advice on which offshore company jurisdiction is best for your specific situation

– Identify probable advantages available through tax treaties

– Guidance on structure with consideration towards the possible risks of taxation to the structure

We Draft All Offshore Company Formation Documents

Once we have established all known requirements and decided on the appropriate services, OFC will prepare and draft all documents needed to register your new offshore company within the relevant jurisdiction’s registry.  This is a basic process with most of the documents produced from standard templates.

If your specific requirements call for any changes to standard documents we are able to assist with this as well.   A few of the documents that customarily require drafting include:

– A Shareholder Agreement

– Non-Standard Corporate Governance Associated Provisions Are Requested

– If the Purpose is For Use as an Investment Company

– If it is Being Used as a Special Purpose Vehicle to Issue Securities

For complex requirements, we work with our partner lawyers or can work with your preferred lawyer.

Offshore Company FormationCompany Incorporation and Registration

1. OFC will deliver the applicable documents to the respective offshore company registrar in order to facilitate the completion of the offshore company incorporation process.

2. The Certificate of Incorporation and stamped documents will then be returned by the company registrar, which is proof of compliance of all the legal requirements.

3. The incorporation process of your new offshore company is then complete!

Domiciliary Services

Once your new offshore company incorporation procedure is finished, OFC can provide a multitude of additional services, dependent upon your requirements. Each offshore company typically needs at least a few domiciliary services such as a local registered office and/or company secretary in the jurisdiction of incorporation. OFC provides the essential domiciliary services needed for all of the offshore company formation jurisdictions we cover.  Standard domiciliary services consist of the following:

– Local Registered Agent

– Local Registered Office

– Local Company Secretary (optional if desired)

– Safekeeping of all records, books and registers in accordance with domestic regulatory and legal documents required to be preserved in the jurisdiction.

If you have at least $250,000US in assets and are interested in finding out how to protect it, It starts with a phone call, a free consultation, to find out your point ‘A’ and where you want to go.

Offshore Company Formation