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The Feudal States of America

We’ve gone from being an economy that produces primarily goods and services to one that uses debt and rigged markets to draw wealth upwards, where it is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

Just like feudalism.

CISPA is Back & Here to Stay

The last time a mass surveillance bill was pushed through with such haste and little discussion was ironically the Patriot Act. The very act that was allowed to expire, fertilized the soil for CISPA.

Fed-Induced Meltdown

The problem with opening your mouth is that at some point you have to put up or shut up. And sometimes you’re screwed either way.

Staying One Step Ahead

Faced with a government determined to infringe upon our rights while trying to keep a firm hand in our wealth, we must be willing to find new ways to protect ourselves, whether that’s through offshore investments, a second residence in a foreign country or even just taking more aggressive steps to protect our privacy online.