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Your Gold Is Only as Good as Where You Store It

As these jurisdictions decline, a corresponding flight of capital has been taking place. Wise investors have been moving their wealth offshore, and as, increasingly, offshore banking accounts have been targeted by these governments, investors have been moving their cash into the harder-to-confiscate forms of asset protection like real estate and precious metals. These two solutions have proven in the past to be the most secure and continue to be.

Staying One Step Ahead

Faced with a government determined to infringe upon our rights while trying to keep a firm hand in our wealth, we must be willing to find new ways to protect ourselves, whether that’s through offshore investments, a second residence in a foreign country or even just taking more aggressive steps to protect our privacy online.

Where Do I Store My Wealth?

Those countries whose governments stay out of your offshore bank account, stay out of your retirement fund and stay out of your other offshore investments to the greatest degree are invariably the safest places for your wealth. Although there are no guarantees, these jurisdictions are less likely to go after your wealth and will be the last to do so, even if other jurisdictions have taken all you have.

The Next Financial Disaster Starts Here

Carl Icahn, a super successful investor who’s the 31st richest person in the world, said this investment is in a bubble. He said that it’s “extremely overheated”… and that “there’s going to be a great run to the exits.”

And this investment isn’t some complex derivative that only Wall Street and hedge funds can buy. Millions of investors hold it in their brokerage accounts. Its time to begin an asset protection plan.