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Your Money Isn’t Safe

Once upon a time, sensible people regarded paper money as a symbol of monetary irresponsibility. They rightly considered that anything created out of thin air by “fiat” could just as easily be destroyed in the same way. They preferred coins made of precious metals whose value transcended national boundaries and governmental authority.

The Highwayman

Today, the Highwayman is being revived in a big way in the US. But, far from being a scofflaw, he is, in fact, the law. He wears a badge and the law protects him in his roadside robberies. Any attempt at asset protection is usually met with threats and sometimes force.

The Ultimate Threat to Your Wealth

This isn’t a new phenomenon, however. In fact, the roots of Wall Street’s “money power” go back over 100 years. But now the financial powers-that-be have overplayed their hand … and put your wealth at risk. What are you going to do about asset protection?

Donald Trump: Gold Bug?

An offshore investment of Gold is your portfolio’s insurance card. As the markets remain volatile in the face of global economic uncertainty and the turmoil the Fed is sure to introduce as it weighs higher rates, gold will offer asset protection. While the yellow metal suffered a pullback on Tuesday, it settled at $1,138.30 — a gain of 6.2% from its July 24 low. Over the same time period, the S&P 500 Index has dropped approximately 7%. Gold continues to be a great store of wealth in volatile markets.