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Banking Horror Stories and How To Escape the Western Banking System

Since December of last year, my email inbox has been full of inquiries from increasingly worried citizens of the neo-fascist oligarchies to the north.  Based on what I’m hearing every day, it’s getting intolerable up there.  At the same time, I continually hear the same inaccuracies repeated regarding offshore asset protection, and expatriation.

How to Protect Yourself from Border Big Brother

Big Brother is alive and well at US border crossings. The latest example comes from published accounts describing the recent ordeal of the mayor of Stockton, California, at the San Francisco International Airport.

The Next “Greece”

And so, what we see is a U.S. colony that has offered tax breaks to U.S. citizens if they move there. This will, of course, cause a revenue loss for the U.S. government, which is already on the economic ropes and has created programs to track down U.S. citizens internationally for better collection.

How to Survive the “Deep State”

From a personal standpoint, you should preserve capital by owning significant assets outside your native country, because as severe as market risks are, your political risks are much greater.