How to Hide Money From Spouse-WifeHide money from your spouse

Ethics aside, if the writing’s on the wall, then now is the time to hide money from your spouse-wife. Once papers have been filed, you may be breaking the law by hiding money and assets. No ethical attorney will help you and risk their license by making known false representations of your assets to the court. The time to hide money from your spouse is before divorce papers are filed.

If you are uncomfortable with this topic, then please stop reading.

During a divorce, you and your soon to be ex are both required to file forms stating all known money and assets. In addition, you will be required to execute a certification reading, ‘I certify that the foregoing information contained herein is true. I am aware that if any of the foregoing information contained herein is willfully false, I am subject to punishment’. Punishment could be punitive or criminal or both if perjury is proven.

It is common and well known by judges and attorneys that both litigants often lie or ‘forget’ about some assets. Because it can be difficult to prove, it is usually the attorney of the wife who it falls upon to discover any and all hidden assets. However, if done properly, it is nearly impossible for anyone to uncover your assets when correctly structured and hidden.

It is stated that over 7 million Americans are currently hiding money from their spouse. This includes hidden bank accounts, credit cards, gambling debts and quite often large purchases. These financial deceptions are usually an indicator of a bigger problem and can quite often be a major cause of the imminent divorce itself.

hide money from wifeIf divorce is indeed imminent and the thought of hiding money from your spouse has occurred to you, it most likely has occurred to your spouse as well. In addition, the fact that so many men in the past have hidden assets from their spouse has prompted many articles to be written and published in women’s magazines. So if you are seriously thinking about hiding money from your spouse, assume she is watching your every move, checking your emails and phone records.

A few of the ways some men try to hide money from their wife are:

tools-to-find-hidden-assets1. Buy expensive items that can later be sold such as stamps, art or antiques.

2. Stash cash in a safety deposit box.

3. Under report his income on most recent tax return.

4. Defer salary and/or bonuses

5. Open bank accounts in new girlfriend’s name.

6. Transfer stock or investment accounts into another person or entity’s name.

The bad news is that these and many others are all well known tactics and easily discoverable. Not only will they not work, but most likely will cost you more money, damage your reputation and could land you in jail.

So what can you do? How can you successfully hide money from your spouse?

If you have at least $250,000US in assets and are interested in finding out how to protect it, It starts with a phone call, a free consultation, to find out your point ‘A’ and where you want to go.

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