How to Hide Money from the IRS-Governmenthow to hide money from the IRS

The world being the way it is today, always assume the government is watching…we do. With that being said, tax evasion is a crime. If you currently owe the IRS money and are trying to hide it, you are committing a crime. If, on the other hand, you would like to avoid or at least lower future taxes, then we can help. If you are worried about a future that includes the US government imposing new forms of asset collection via taxation, then we can help you.

Each government in the world funds itself from the taxpayers of its jurisdiction. Most of that tax collection comes off the corporations and individuals with high net worth and annual income that haven’t figured out yet how to avoid or reduce it. Most likely, I have just described you.

hide money from the IRSHere are the most common ways they catch you when you are trying to hide your money from the IRS:

Receiving Income – If they can prove you have an unreported income, you are committing a crime. The two best ways to receive income that may avoid detection are cash deals with no contracts involved or via crypto currency.

Holding Income – Most typically get caught here in dropping off or picking up the income from an account that can be tracked or accessed.

Spending the Money – If you are living a lifestyle not supported by your filed tax returns, you raise red flags.

Reporting – Be very careful how you fill out your tax returns. They are complicated for a few reasons and one of them is to catch you in a lie.

Discovering how to hide money from the IRS can and will change your life…when done correctly and legally.

Four Legal Ways to Hide Money from the IRS

Homestead – Some states provide exemptions from collections from anyone regarding your home. Florida in particular is noted as the most generous. If you have $1 million dollars cash and use it to purchase a home that you will reside in, in Florida, you have just protected that $1 million dollars from the IRS until you decide to sell of course.

Precious Metals – This only works if you purchase say gold coins and then lock them up somewhere safe. Of course the US Government could change the law to make owning gold illegal again like they did during the great depression.

Trusts – Setting up an International Asset Protection Trust in the right jurisdiction is the best way to not only hide money from the IRS, but to hide it from anyone, as well as transfer wealth to your heirs tax free.

Offshore Accounts – These essentially go hand in hand with Trusts. Once you have successfully set up your international asset protection trust, you will most likely need and offshore bank account to go along with it.


I think it is fairly obvious that setting up an International Asset Protection Trust accompanied by an offshore bank account is by far the safest and most prudent way to hide money from the IRS and US government in general.

Please keep in mind that the time to set up this legal tax reduction structure is before you owe the taxes, before the US government creates new unconstitutional taxes and before the IRS is looking for you.

If you have at least $250,000US in assets and are interested in finding out how to protect it, It starts with a phone call, a free consultation, to find out your point ‘A’ and where you want to go.

how to hide money from the IRS