If you have recently done well investing in Cryptocurrencies and want to protect your new found wealth from ex-spouses, collectors, and governments…we can help. Our system includes offshore corporations and offshore bank accounts set up in the proper jurisdictions, which are then used with specific cryptocurrency exchanges.

When you control the offshore corporation and the corporation controls your cryptocurrency, you are bulletproof! It is difficult enough for a government, collector or ex-spouse to confiscate your cryptocurrency, but when it is hidden inside of an offshore corporation, it provides that extra layer of security that allows you to sleep at night.

Our system also permits you to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat that can then be transferred to your offshore bank account that is in your offshore corporation’s name. You may then purchase cars, boats, planes, businesses, homes or anything else you desire in the name of the offshore corporation.

If you’ve ever wondered how the “Rich” do it, this is it…welcome to the club.

Tax-Free CryptoCurrency Process and Timeline

Once you have decided you want to access and spend some of your CryptoCurrency profits tax-free, we require a 50% deposit (CryptoCurrency accepted and preferred). You will then schedule a call with us so we can ask some questions and gather some information needed for the process. We then set up your offshore corporation, which takes 1-2  weeks. The next step is for us to set up an offshore bank account in your new offshore corporation’s name. This can take 4-6 weeks, unfortunately. We simultaneously set up your account on an exchange in your offshore corporation’s name. The last step is to attach the offshore bank account to the exchange, which takes a few days.

The entire process takes approximately 2 months. The remaining 50% is due upon completion.

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